Annual Giving

WSOC, like all independent schools, relies on extra financial support above and beyond tuition and fees. This is because the real cost of sustaining our annual operating budget is greater than the cost of tuition. The breadth and depth of the education WSOC provides requires the generous tax-deductible gifts of many and we thank you!

WSOC’s Annual Giving Fund is the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising programs as it provides the greatest opportunity to support the immediate financial needs of the school. It is the school’s most important source of unrestricted funds that impacts every student, every day, by ensuring funding for a comprehensive and dynamic curriculum of math, language arts, science, culture and foreign language study, performing arts, applied arts, music and movement.

WSOC is running its Annual Giving Campaign Nov. 28th to Dec. 31 and strives to raise $100,000 through 100% participation from all members of our school community. We strive for 100% participation in order to reach our goal and establish a strong collaborative message, within and outside of our community, that we are all in this together supporting the well-being and strength of our school.

Gifts to the Annual Giving Fund are welcome any time throughout the year. 

“During a recent board training seminar, we were reminded that one of the high level mission objectives of Waldorf education was “to create communities, where people develop, where adults and children alike unfold their capacities – imaginative thinking, empathic feelings, and compassionate service to the world and their fellow human beings”. It allowed us to reflect on how a Waldorf education goes beyond our children, and extends to the families that have committed to this educational journey. We are a community of interconnected families striving to give our kids the opportunity to grow and develop into adults who make positive impacts on the world, while maintaining a strong sense of self. A common question you may get asked is “Where do you send your child(ren) to school?” We’d like to think that we don’t just send our kids to school, but we, as families, build a lasting community within the Waldorf School of Orange County.”

ーJames Gaor, former co-chair, WSOC Board of Trustees

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